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Before Lewis and Clark: The Story of the Chouteaus, the French Dynasty that Ruled America’s Frontier

"(An) admirable group portrait of the prominent Chouteau family."
-- Larry McMurtry, The New York Review of Books

"A true tale of exploration, settlement, the Indian wars, life on the frontier and the enormous risks taken by pioneers."
--J. E. McReynolds, The Oklahoman

"(Reveals a family) that built an empire ... on the ability to understand diverse peoples and cater to their needs."
--Kathleen DuVal, The Chicago Tribune

Nicaragua: Revolution in the Family

"Nicaragua: Revolution in the Family may stand as the definitive account of the fall of Anastasio Somoza and the rise of the Sandinistas."
--Wall Street Journal

"Must reading, especially since the question of what to do about Nicaragua will be with us for years ... Nicaragua is easy sledding, non-hysterical, well researched, and honest."
--New York Magazine

"(Christian) cuts through mendacity and obfuscation with a powerful combination of thorough research, eyewitness experience and reportorial savvy."
--Boston Globe